The Cliff Burton Estate Partners with Morley for a Powerful Wah Fuzz Reissue

This in-depth review is for the Power Wah Fuzz pedal, a reissue from Morley in collaboration with the Burton Family Estate. The pedal, with its retro design and modern features, is sure to become a firm favorite for bass solos.

The Power Wah Fuzz stands out with a spectacular wah sweep, superior to many pedals at the time of its first release. The Optical Circuitry adds a unique touch to the pedal, shaping the overall sound and adding depth to the bass. This reissued version acts as a tribute to Cliff Burton and his legacy in music, which greatly contributed to his thunderous sound.

Loved by many, including the Burton family, who have expressed their delight at the pedal being released in his memory, the Power Wah Fuzz is more than just a musical tool – it’s a piece of history. The pedal aims to inspire a new generation of musicians while keeping Burton’s loyal fans contented.

Morley’s Power Wah Fuzz, embedded with its signature Switchless Activation, allows you to start at the desirable lower end of the sweep. It also includes a 15db level control, perfect for pushing the sound above the mix. Another worthy addition is Morley’s Glow-in-the-Dark treadle and toe sticker, which not only offer aesthetic appeal but also aid musicians in locating their pedal in dimly lit stages.


• Wah sweep unequaled at the time
• Unique Optical Circuitry
• Switchless Activation – hands-free startup
• 15db level control – perfect for enhancing sound projection
• Glow-in-the-Dark treadle and toe sticker
• Tribute to the legacy of Cliff Burton


• A unique tribute – Aimed at keeping the legacy of Cliff Burton alive, this pedal is a perceptible nod to one of the music industry’s pioneers.
• Switchless Activation – An effective feature that gives musicians the option to start at the very desirable lower end of the sweep.
• Clear Sound output – With the 15db level control, you now have a sound enhancer that could push your musical notes above the mix, just right for delivering a clear and vibrant output.
• Practical design – The Glow-in-the-Dark treadle and toe sticker can help musicians locate the pedal even in a darker setting.


• Price – Priced at $229, some musicians may find the Power Wah Fuzz a bit on the higher side. However, given its timely features and legacy affiliation, it could be a worthy investment.
• Size – For people used to smaller pedals, adjusting to Morley’s Power Wah Fuzz may take a bit of time.

This reissue is a testament to Morley’s dedication to quality and appreciation for legendary music figures. Pre-orders for the Power Wah Fuzz are now available for all enthusiasts looking forward to owning this piece of music history. Transcending its initial popularity and awe-inspiring performance, this reissued pedal is now ready to win hearts all over again! - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals