The Essential MIDI NES Guitar Synth That We Absolutely Require

In the realm where sonic innovation meets artistic craftsmanship, one can find a brand like Love Hultén. This is the creative moniker of an audiovisual artist and woodworker based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Hultén has earned a reputation for his audio devices that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, often drawing inspiration from retro technology. It comes as no surprise that his latest design, created in collaboration with musician Catbeats, is an NES-inspired guitar that blends nostalgia with cutting-edge tech.

Synthesizing the alluring features of “imaginal cozy worlds lofi healing sounds” that Catbeats specializes in, the guitar comes fully-loaded with YouRock MIDI technology to deliver an amplified music experience. Further complemented by an NESpoly synth, and a MOOD MKII, the instrument becomes a sonic powerhouse.

The layer upon which the guitar truly transcends consumer expectation is in its design. It is furnished with a detachable dome – a fresh and distinctive feature that allows for avatar replacement. This demonstrates a profound understanding of today’s digital habits and an ability to incorporate them into artistic design seamlessly. To cap off the impressive list of features, the guitar comes with a custom strap made from “extraterrestrial skin,” further deepening the sense of unique craftsmanship.

However, with the product not being listed on the Love Hultén’s website, direct access to purchase it presents a challenge. On the flip side, this also adds an air of exclusivity to the product.


– Crafted by an expert woodworker & audiovisual artist.
– Inspired design that references Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
– Integrated with cutting-edge YouRock MIDI technology.
– Comes equipped with an NESpoly synth, and a MOOD MKII.
– Detachable dome for avatar replacement.
– Custom strap made from extraterrestrial skin.


– Unique NES-inspired design is not commonly found in other models.
– Features cutting-edge YouRock MIDI technology.
– Availability of NESpoly synth and a MOOD MKII ensures ultimate music experience.
– Includes a detachable dome for avatar replacement, adding an interactive element.
– Custom extraterrestrial skin strap enhances individuality and aesthetics.


– Lack of listing on Love Hultén’s website could make purchasing complicated.
– The guitar’s distinctive design might not appeal to traditionalists.
– The unique extraterrestrial skin strap might not be suitable for all types of users.

All in all, this NES-inspired guitar, owing to its extraordinary design and quality, with its ability to generate a sense of nostalgia while also providing a superior music experience, appears to be a desired possession for any retro video game music lover or instrument aficionado. If the Sega keyboard and this guitar combined, they could form an unbeatable force bleeding both music and nostalgia.

Given the impressive cascade of features it packs, and the allure of its NES-inspired aesthetic, we might need to commission this astounding instrument. And yes, if you are intrigued by the instrument, it is available for commission orders. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals