The Extravagant RITTER Amp with a Wild Look Priced at $38,000

Introducing the Ritter Encore amplifier: A premium appeal for the music enthusiasts who do not compromise on aesthetics or quality. With a significant price tag of €36,000 (approximately $38,750), this innovative model is not your everyday amplifier. The novel design and top-notch components collectively make it a veritable piece of art.

The design inspiration behind the Ritter’s Encore amplifier could have come from the impressionistic wave-styled sign of “Crest O’ The Wave” at Disney’s Boardwalk. This custom-made amplifier offers high-quality craftsmanship equal to owning a luxury car, making it more than just an amplifier. Its unique design stands out as a conversation piece. It is not the type of amplifier everyone will bring home, but for those few who have a rich taste for details, craftsmanship, and quality, the Encore would be worth considering.

Encore features a hand-wired, point-to-point construction that encapsulates world-class components. The integrated hand-selected tubes covered with ice-matte material and 18-karat white gold resonates with its superior craftsmanship. The shining 58-watt power amp graciously delivers high precision sound. Extrapolating the base design from renowned models like the Fender Bassman and the Dumble Classic, Encore does stick out as a commendable tribute.

In an era where the digital world is shaping everything and often diluting the authentic essence of music, Encore brings a breath of old school to the amplifier world. Manufacturing this intricate model involved the profound vision of Jens Ritter and his musician friends. It offers an optimum tribute to the golden era of tube amplifiers.

The amplifier’s vibrant design resonates with the iconic 50s and 60s futurism, elevating its aesthetics and function beyond ordinary. It comes with a stunning high-gloss red and white finish that signifies its high-grade quality and the revolution era it represents. This amplifier indeed warrants attention from those with an affluent taste.


– Custom wave design akin to Disney’s Boardwalk sign
– Handwired, point-to-point construction
– World-class components including hand-selected tubes encased in ice-matte
– 18-karat white gold covers delivering 58 watts of power
– High-gloss red and white finish
– High-quality craftsmanship


1. Unique and high-end design
2. Superior craftsmanship with world-class components
3. Delivers high precision sound yet represents the golden era of tube amplifiers
4. High-gloss red and white finish, a nod to 50s and 60s futurism

1. Costly and not accessible for a wide range of customers
2. The high-end design and finish mean that it requires careful handling
3. This amplifier is more of an art piece than a practical, everyday amplifier for most people.

Based on the premium quality and aesthetic appeal, the Ritter’s Encore amplifier calls to wealthy, brave souls who are not afraid to splash out. Let us know if this unique model is your plunge into an unforgettable music experience. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals