The MS-200D+ by ZOOM Provides an Abundance of Overdrive and Distortion

Zoom does it again, providing a value for money product with the MS-200D+. This versatile multi-effects pedal offers unparalleled distortion and overdrive capabilities. This review delves into the rich elements of this model, and highlights both its features and its performance.

Known for its budget-friendly music pedals, Zoom reaffirms its market position with the MS-200D+. This stomp box boasts an impressive array of 200 unique drive and distortion effects. It’s remarkable for its ability to customize, tweak and save your choice presets using the four onboard parameter knobs and Cross Key switches – a feature every guitarist will appreciate.

FLashing past the norm of most typical pedals, the MS-200D+ levels up with its inbuilt tuner, saving musicians the time and hassle of tuning their guitars separately. Encased in a sleek metal housing, Zoom has designed this multi-effects pedal to be not only functional but robust and aesthetically pleasing, too.

This pedal moves with the times as it is USB-C power compatible. This feature renders the pedal incredibly portable and convenient to use, making it an excellent choice for those on-the-go gig sessions.

The MS-200D+ excites with its dual-effect processing capability. It allows you to mix and blend your effects, providing opportunities for unique, engaging, layered sounds. With this feature, every guitar performance can be fresh and distinctive.


– 200 unique drive and distortion effects
– Onboard parameter knobs and Cross Key switches for easy tweaking and saving of presets
– Inbuilt tuner
– Durable metal housing
– USB-C power compatible
– Dual-effect processing


– Variety of effects which makes it ideal for all genres
– Easy to use with user-friendly controls
– Economically priced
– Compact and durable design suitable for portability


– Some users might find 200 effects overwhelming
– Requires time to discover and experiment with all the potential sound styles

Customer Reviews

Users have praised the MS-200D+ for its broad array of effects and its user-friendly interface. They applaud the inbuilt tuner for its contribution to the overall convenience of this pedal. Gushing reviews also mention the product’s affordability considering its diverse functions and the added value of its USB-C power compatibility.

Despite the glowing reviews, some customers have expressed their discomfort with the overwhelming number of options, indicating that it may require a steep learning curve.

Zoom’s MS-200D+ is a multi-effects pedal that delivers a rich variety of sound experiences in a compact, efficient design. Its highly customizable set-up, user-friendly interface, inbuilt tuner, and USB-C power compatibility make it an excellent choice for both professional musicians and hobbyists alike. Despite the time it might take to navigate and master its full range of effects, it is well worth the investment. For $139.99, the Zoom MS-200D+ MultiStomp Pedal offers more than just your everyday pedal; it offers an unmatched music-making experience. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals