The Octave Clang Makes a Triumphant Return with Death By Audio

The mighty return of the iconic Octave Clang pedal from the renowned Death By Audio brand is an event worth celebrating. With an additional Clang circuit and expanded controls, the latest incarnation of the Octave Clang pedal champions two pivotal features—an octave effect accompanied with some clang.

Built to surpass the most demanding expectations, the new Octave Clang serves an exemplary amalgamation of advanced features, creating a unique yet accessible tool for musicians from every niche. Offering a Bypass via the left footswitch and Octave on the right, it also extends controls for Volume, Gain, and Tone. A remarkable addition to this setup is the internal Bias switch, paving the way for untested sonic possibilities.

The Octave Clang is a sonic marvel that had been hibernating in the Death By Audio’s Queens workshop. With outstanding sound quality and performance, the allure of this pedal can never fade away. Its much-anticipated return requires a moment of acknowledgement, especially for its incredible evolution that has yielded a more ferocious, menacing, and thunderous force that caters to musicians of this era.

Initially, the vintage Octave Clang was dedicated to generating extraordinarily unconventional tones that would appeal to the masses and indeed, it left a lasting impact. However, despite its unquestionable performance ability, some users found it difficult to tame and control. Death By Audio acknowledged this shortcoming and revived it with enhanced features and incredible versatility.

With the comeback, the brand didn’t limit its vision to just addressing past issues. They give us an absurdly versatile beast, providing scope to easily sculpt discordant ringing drones, visceral octave scrapes, and ground-shaking distortion. Evidently, the refurbished Octave Clang is braced and prepared to reign supreme.

Currently, this must-have piece of studio gear by Death By Audio is available at the price of $225—a steal for what it offers, giving you remarkable control over your creative ventures.


– Octave effect mode
– Clang effect mode
– Bypass on left footswitch and Octave on the right footswitch
– Detailed controls for Volume, Gain, and Tone
– Internal Bias switch


– Cool retro design
– Includes both an octave effect and a clang feature
– Constructed with enhanced range and additional controls
– Unparalleled versatility
– Easy to create a unique range of distinct sounds
– Improved usability


– The price might be high for some users
– Despite the enhancements, it may still pose a challenge for some users to fully understand its diverse functionality. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals