The Return of the Vandenberg Signature Series by Peavey

Peavey’s resurrection of the Adrian Vandenberg Signature Series guitars marks an exciting turn for those in the guitar community who appreciate a classic instrument with a modern aesthetic edge. With three tantalizing finishes that visually captivate and expertly crafted designs that deliver quality sound and playability, the series illustrates, once again, why Peavey has long been a trusted name within the industry.

The Vandenberg Signature Series boasts magnificent finishes of Purple Flame Maple, Rock-It Pink, and Matte Black on a mutant Strat-esque body, a construction choice that exudes equal parts wit and sophistication. Each finish comes with a series of unique hardware elements emphasizing versatility, thus allowing each guitar to stand out while being part of the distinctive collection.

The Purple Flame Maple flaunts a mahogany body with a stunning quilt maple top and a complementary mahogany neck, binding the guitar’s charisma with an element of vintage gracefulness. The Rock-It Pink and Matte Black options showcase the seamless melding of mahogany top and neck, resulting in a cohesive design where every element seems to blend into the next flawlessly.

The impressive craftsmanship doesn’t stop at the physical structure, but extends to the hardware. All three models are equipped with a Floyd Rose Original tremolo bridge, dual-action truss rod, and a 24.75″ scale length with a 15″ neck radius, exuding a sense of precision and enhanced performance quality.


– Mutant Strat-esque body design
– Choice of Purple Flame Maple, Rock-It Pink, Matte Black finishes
– Mahogany body construction
– Quilt Maple top and Mahogany neck (Purple Flame Maple)
– Mahogany top and neck (Rock-It Pink & Matte Black)
– Bound Ebony fingerboard
– Vandenberg signature inlays & Diamond inlays
– Floyd Rose Original tremolo bridge
– Dual-action truss rod
– 24.75″ scale length
– 15″ neck radius
– Seymour Duncan pickups

The Vandenberg Signature Series guitars also boast a rich and broad spectrum of tone, courtesy of the Seymour Duncan pickups. Each model is equipped with a different combination of pickups, offering a diverse range of sound profiles. The Purple Flame Maple model presents a TB-6 in the bridge and SH-6 in the neck with elegant black frames. The Rock-It Pink embeds a Seymour Duncan TB-6 in the bridge and the STK-S6 Custom Stack Plus in black, while the Matte Black installs a red screw bobbin Seymour TB-6 bridge pickup alongside a black slug bobbin and STK-S6 Custom Stk Plus for the neck, in black.


– Variety of stunning finishes
– Premium hardware
– Diverse pickup combination for versatile tones
– Authentic Peavey craftsmanship


– Higher-end pricing for beginner or budget-conscious guitarists

Customer Reviews

Customers laud the Vandenberg Signature Series for their top-notch performance and aesthetic appeal. Many appreciate the tone variety offered by the diverse pickup combination. However, some customers find the price on the steeper end.

In their return, the Peavey Vandenberg Signature Series guitars uphold their commitment to innovation, precision, and quality. Blending rich 80’s nostalgia with contemporary precision, these guitars deliver an exceptional experience and timeless sound tailored to modern players.

For those desiring a top-quality, beautiful instrument with diverse sound capabilities, the Vandenberg Signature Series guitars, priced at $2,999, make a worthwhile investment for any discerning guitarist. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals