Today Show Discusses the Rising Popularity of Christian Rap

The NBC morning show, The Today Show ran a five-minute feature on the ascension of Christian rap music to mainstream popularity on a recently aired episode. First coming into existence in the early 1980s, Christian rap has been steadily garnering followers and fans over the years. The Today Show segment dove deep into this genre’s history and its current state.

As part of the special showcase, interviews were conducted with Lecrae, an award-winning Christian rapper, and Justin Sarachik, the editor-in-chief of, a website dedicated wholly to Christian rap music. With their insights, the once fringe world of Christian rap came alive for the viewers of The Today Show.

In the course of his interview, Lecrae mentioned how performing at the BET awards in 2011 significantly elevated his music career. This unforgettable moment marked the turning point of Christian rap music, taking it onto the national stage and drawing attention from the larger audience.

Lecrae’s success didn’t stop at the BET awards, as he later bagged the GRAMMY award for the Best Gospel Album in 2013 for his album, Gravity. This album became the first hip-hop record to achieve this feat, hence cementing the credibility of Christian Rap in the music industry.

Underlining his faith, Lecrae affirmed that he was proud to be recognized for his beliefs as well as his music. He also emphasized the need to distinguish between a person’s faith values and their professional achievements, asserting that one’s religion should not define their talent or career.

Exploring the potential role of Christian Hip Hop in the broader music scene, Lecrae believes that it works twofold – it is refreshing music for churchgoers while also serving as an outreach medium from the church to the secular world. He added that this blend of spirituality and art is beneficial for all.

As the feature concluded, co-host of The Today Show, Carson Daily, recognized the need for greater publicity for this genre. He highlighted Lecrae’s contribution to Christian Rap, noting Lecrae’s Grammy achievement a decade ago. He further stressed the importance of shining a light on this emerging music genre.

Lecrae’s commitment to his faith and music has helped bring Christian Rap into mainstream consciousness, leading to increased visibility and acceptance. His steadfastness is now inspiring many budding Christian rappers, giving the genre new dimensions and paving the way for its expansion.

The Today Show’s segment on this genre demonstrates the collective efforts of many rappers like Lecrae, leading to the growing popularity of Christian Rap. This increased interest has led to an awakening in the general audience who, earlier, might not have considered Christian Rap a mainstream genre.

But with icons like Lecrae, the tables have turned, as Christian Rap now has a nationwide audience and increased respect in the music industry. Dedicated platforms like continue to nurture this genre, offering fans in-depth coverage of the Christian music scene.

This ascension of Christian Rap music proves that when passion, faith, and creativity merge, they have the potential to disrupt even the most established music norms. Thus, as it continues to gain followers, Christian Rap is a shining example of unconventional music genres making significant strides into mainstream music. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals