Tokyo Dawn Labs unveil Bundle with Special Filters

The prominent audio technology firm, Tokyo Dawn Labs, has announced the launch of four unique filter plug-ins, specifically designed for situations where conventional EQ processors might not suffice. These new filters are supplemented by a complimentary frequency analyser. Customers can decide to purchase the filters separately, or collectively in a Special Filters bundle.

The first filter, TDR Infrasonic, features a continuously variable slope filter for intricate control over the lowest frequencies in an audio mix. It is touted as a perfect tool for preparing material for sound systems that have limited low-frequency reproduction capabilities. It provides Minimum and Mix Phase modes, along with a Mix Control that helps achieve subtly processed audio blends. It includes Dynamic Bump and Harmonic Generator buttons that help mitigate the energy loss originated from the plugin’s filtering process.

The second filter, TDR Elliptical, specializes in regulating stereo width at low frequencies. It utilizes a pair of elliptical filters to operate on the stereo difference channel which deviates from the traditional elliptical filters by offering a continuously variable slope. Users get the option of Minimum or Linear Phase operation. Tools for compensation include a Dynamic Bump function paired with Hass delay options.

Shifting focus to the opposite end of the frequency spectrum is the third filter, TDR Ultrasonic. Its primary function is to manage ultrasonic content accumulation in oversampled recording, processing, or playback chains to shield the audio from potential distortion that peak limiters, distortion devices, and compressors may introduce. It employs a Linear Phase filter with a continuously adjustable slope and supports sample rates up to a staggering 20MHz.

The fourth filter in this line-up, TDR Arbiter, is described as a frequency-selective spectral balancer. This filter functions independent of the signal’s volume, making it a versatile tool for handling a range of issues such as attenuating plosives, de-essing or addressing broad frequency balance problems. Users can apply bell, flat-top, and traditional shelving curves at a specific frequency, and further finesse the processing with Range and Speed parameters. The filter also includes a Harmonic Generator function to compensate for any energy lost.

The final addition to the new plugins family is TDR Prism, offered to users on a freeware basis. This modern frequency analyzer focuses on the human ear’s interpretation of audio levels. It provides a clear insight into the spectral properties of audio through a comprehensive visual display. The spectral weighting and tilting techniques it offers allow for peak or RMS smoothing options, as well as real-time auditory masking indicators and human auditory filters.


The entire range of new additions from Tokyo Dawn Labs provides compatibility for PCs running Windows Vista and upwards, and Macs operating on macOS 10.9 or higher versions. The plug-in versions are available in VST, AU, and AAX formats.

Pricing & Availability

These newly released plugins are available for purchase now, with a limited offer of a 40% discount as of 24th November 2023. The revised pricing is as follows:

  • TDR Infrasonic: €18
  • TDR Elliptical: €18
  • TDR Ultrasonic: €18
  • TDR Arbiter: €24
  • TDR Special Filters bundle: €48

As a bonus, TDR Prism is available at no charge.

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