Universal Audio Unveils Sound City Studios Plug-in: A Sonic Revolution

Universal Audio, a leading manufacturer of professional audio recording hardware and software, has recently introduced the highly anticipated Sound City Studios Plug-in. This revolutionary plug-in promises to deliver a truly immersive and authentic sonic experience for music producers, allowing them to harness the legendary sound of Sound City Studios right in their own studios. With its rich history and iconic reputation in the music industry, the Sound City Studios Plug-in is set to revolutionize the way producers capture and create music.

Universal Audio Introduces Sound City Studios Plug-in

Universal Audio is renowned for their innovative and high-quality audio products, and the introduction of the Sound City Studios Plug-in is no exception. This state-of-the-art plug-in faithfully emulates the unique analog sound of the legendary Sound City Studios, offering producers the opportunity to capture the same magic and character that made the studio famous. By integrating this plug-in into their workflow, producers can now benefit from the renowned sound of Sound City Studios without the need for expensive studio sessions.

A Revolutionary Sonic Experience for Music Producers

The Sound City Studios Plug-in brings a revolutionary sonic experience to music producers, enabling them to access the distinct warmth, depth, and punch that Sound City Studios is known for. With its meticulously crafted algorithms, the plug-in accurately emulates the studio’s vintage analog equipment and acoustics, allowing producers to recreate the iconic sound that has graced countless hit records. This unprecedented level of authenticity ensures that every element of a production, from drums to vocals, can be transformed with the same sonic character that made Sound City Studios a revered name in the industry.

Exploring the Magic of Legendary Sound City Studios

Sound City Studios holds a special place in music history, having been the birthplace of numerous iconic albums and legendary artists. Located in Los Angeles, Sound City Studios gained fame for its exceptional analog recording equipment and renowned live room, which contributed to its trademark sound. The Sound City Studios Plug-in recreates the studio’s unique sonic environment, preserving the magic that has made it an inspiration for music producers around the world. By capturing the essence of this legendary studio, Universal Audio has given producers access to a piece of music history that can now be integrated seamlessly into their creative process.

The Sound City Studios Plug-in represents a major milestone in the world of music production. Universal Audio’s dedication to authenticity and innovation has resulted in a plug-in that offers a truly transformative sonic experience. With the introduction of this game-changing tool, music producers have the opportunity to explore the legendary Sound City Studios sound, allowing them to elevate their productions to new heights. Whether it’s a desire to recreate the magic of classic albums or to infuse a modern production with vintage warmth, the Sound City Studios Plug-in is set to revolutionize the way music is made.


Sound City Studios and C-Max Limiter are supported on PCs running Windows 10 or 11, and Macs running macOS 10.15 and higher. VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats are available. Sound City Studios will run natively with no UA hardware required, whereas C-Max Limiter is available exclusively for Apollo interfaces and UAD DSP hardware. As with all of UAD Native offerings, Sound City Studios is authorised via PACE’s iLok system via iLok Cloud or a physical dongle.

Pricing & Availability

Sound City Studios will be available on 14 November 2023, priced at £349. C-Max Limiter is available now, and is currently (8 November 2023) being offered for an introductory price of £174, reduced from its usual price of £349. Prices include VAT.



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