Unveiling the Co-Producer AI Tool: A Comprehensive Review

Output has recently introduced Co-Producer, an innovative generative AI technology designed to enhance human creativity in music making without replacing it. The first tool to utilize this technology is Pack Generator, which allows users to create unique, royalty-free sample packs by providing text prompts. In this review, we will discuss the features of Pack Generator, its pros and cons, and its availability.

Generative AI Technology..

At the heart of Pack Generator lies Output’s Co-Producer, a generative AI technology that has been carefully developed to augment human creativity instead of replacing it. It is specifically designed to help music makers quickly find new ideas, enabling them to concentrate on other aspects of the music creation process, such as composition, arrangement, and mixing.

Text-based Input..

Pack Generator is built to generate material based on the descriptions entered as a text input. This allows users to have full control over the audio previews generated, as well as the final pack of 30 royalty-free samples that can be downloaded for use within a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Emotion-driven Sampling..

One unique characteristic of Pack Generator is its ability to create sounds that express specific emotions. Users can request samples that convey certain emotions, enabling them to craft music more accurately aligned with their creative vision.

Influenced by Artists and Genres..

Pack Generator can also draw inspiration from the styles of other bands and artists. By including specific names and genres in the text input, users can generate sample packs that capture the essence of their favorite musicians and songs.

Customizable Key and Tempo..

With Pack Generator, users can easily define parameters such as key and tempo to ensure the generated samples suit their project requirements.


1. Unique sample generation: Pack Generator, powered by Co-Producer, offers a new perspective on sound and sample generation, inspiring creativity and innovation.
2. Time-saving: The AI technology swiftly generates sample packs, allowing users to devote more time to composing, arranging, and mixing.
3. Simplified sound searching: Instead of users browsing through countless folders and samples, Pack Generator’s text-based inputs enable quick and targeted sample generation.
4. Customization: The ability to generate samples based on emotions, artist styles, and user-defined parameters allows for a highly tailored sample collection.
5. Royalty-free samples: The generated sample packs are royalty-free, ensuring that users won’t face any legal issues once their music is released.


1. Potential learning curve: Some users may need time to learn how to effectively use the text input system to generate the desired samples.
2. Limitations in the AI-generated sounds: While Pack Generator is highly innovative, it may not be able to perfectly reproduce every user’s desired sound or style.
3. Still in beta: As Pack Generator is currently in beta testing, there may be bugs or limitations that have not yet been addressed.


Output’s Pack Generator and the Co-Producer technology behind it represent a significant step forward in harnessing the power of AI to augment human creativity in music making. With its unique features and intuitive text-based input system, Pack Generator offers musicians a new way to explore and generate inspiration. While there are some potential cons, such as a learning curve and limitations in AI-generated sounds, the overall value and innovation of the tool outweigh these concerns.

Whether you’re a professional musician or a passionate hobbyist, Pack Generator can help you streamline your creative process, save time, and generate unique sample packs tailored to your needs. Consider giving it a try during its beta testing phase to experience firsthand how this innovative tool can impact your music production.

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