Unveiling the Kemper Profiler Player: A Comprehensive Review

Kemper Profiler Player Review: A Compact Stompbox with a Massive Range of Amp Tones

Kemper has once again revolutionized the world of digital guitar amplification with the latest addition to their Profiler range – the Kemper Profiler Player. This compact stompbox promises to turn any pedalboard into an arena-grade touring rig, offering compatibility with an extensive library of free and commercial Profiles from the company.


– Compact stompbox enclosure
– Access to Kemper’s vast collection of amp tones and effects settings
– Identical amp section to larger Profiler systems
– Four built-in effects slots (two pre, two post)
– Dedicated top-panel knobs for hands-on control
– Support for external expression pedal and additional footswitches
– Direct XLR output and quarter-inch TS outputs for PA or recording system
– Stereo headphone output with Space effect
– USB connectivity for audio and MIDI interfacing, data backup/restore, and software updates
– Rig Manager remote application for iOS, macOS, and Windows
– WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity


1. Compact Design: The Kemper Profiler Player occupies about the same amount of space as two average-sized pedals, making it easy to integrate into your existing pedalboard setup.
2. Extensive Effects Library: With the Profiler Player, you’ll have access to the full collection of Kemper amp tones, effects settings, impulse response loading, and switching capabilities.
3. Customizable Control: Despite its compact size, the Kemper Profiler Player offers plenty of hands-on control through dedicated top-panel knobs, buttons, and footswitches. The unit also supports external expression pedals and additional footswitches to expand its control capabilities.
4. Comprehensive Connectivity: The Profiler Player features a range of connectivity options such as direct XLR output, quarter-inch TS outputs, stereo headphone output, USB connections, WLAN, and Bluetooth.
5. Rig Manager Software: Kemper’s Rig Manager remote application allows you to control and tweak settings directly from your desktop computer or mobile device.


1. Limited Effects Slots: The Profiler Player has only four built-in effects slots, with two dedicated ‘pre’ slots before the amp modeling, and two ‘post’ slots that are placed after the amp.
2. Price: At €698 (approx. $782), the Kemper Profiler Player is significantly more expensive than many other compact multi-effects pedals on the market.
3. Compatibility with Larger Kemper Systems: While the Profiler Player is compatible with rigs from larger Profiler systems, the compatibility is limited by the number of effects slots available on the Player.
4. Learning Curve: With such a vast library of effects and settings, it might take some time for users to find the perfect sounds and combinations for their needs.

The Kemper Profiler Player is an impressive compact stompbox that offers a massive range of amp tones and effects settings in a small package. It is an ideal solution for guitarists looking to streamline their pedalboard setup without sacrificing tonal quality and options. While the price might be a bit steep for some, the Profiler Player is still a great investment for those who want the versatility and power of Kemper’s larger systems in a more portable format.

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