Update for Elektron’s Analog Rytm Drum Machine

Elektron, the pioneer of instrument manufacturing, has just declared the introduction of a ground-breaking operating system (OS) update that brings a whole new dimension to their acclaimed hybrid drum machine. The newest OS update, named Analog Rytm 1.70, brings forth five fresh Machines and an expanded variety of parameters for the pre-existing offerings, enhanced with a fresh sequencer setting, additional scales, and more enhancements.

Analog Rytm’s total number of Machines has now been raised to 33 with the introduction of five new ones, all of which boast a versatile array of new sounds. The first Machine, dubbed HH LAB, is defined by Elektron as “a laboratory for the most audacious of metallic experiments”. On the other hand, SY CHIP parallels the aura of Elektron’s first-ever machine, the SidStation. The next two new Machines, BD and SD ACOUSTIC, bring forth novel kick and snare sounds. Lastly, the SY RAW infuses a popular Machine from Elektron’s Syntakt with the Rytm’s waveforms, allowing the creation of a wide gamut of bass, lead and melodic percussion sounds.

Besides introducing new Machines, Elektron also utilized this opportunity to instill some extra functionality into the existing models. Four of the initial offerings are now enhanced with a new set of parameters. In the case of BD SHARP, its WAV parameter now features a square waveform. BT CLASSIC was granted a fresh pitch envelope control. Furthermore, the CB CLASSIC and CB METALLIC both now boast all-new pulse width parameters. To add to the instrument’s melodious potential, the company also refined tuning, introduced hi-res semitones, pad scales, and fold functionality options which can be applied when the Analog Rytm’s pads are in Chromatic mode.

In terms of the instrument’s sequencer, it has now been granted a Euclidean mode. This enhances its rhythmic prowess with a duo of Euclidean generators, which when combined, can construct intricate patterns with command over steps, pulses, and offset parameters. Another new development is the Page Loop function that facilitates seamless work within a specific sequencer page.

Alongside these principal additions, the update also administers a variety of graphical user interface (GUI) and performance upgrades, while simultaneously resolving known bugs.


The latest OS upgrade can be rapidly obtained from the Elektron website as a free-of-charge download. Vital details on how to apply the upgrade, coupled with the necessary download links, can be found via the link listed below.


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