Warm Audio’s Bender & RingerBringer Pedals – Enhancing Your Sound Experience

Warm Audio has recently expanded their range of guitar effects pedals with the additions of the Warm Bender and RingerBringer. In this review, we shall focus on their features and put them to the test by analyzing their pros and cons.

Warm Bender: Feature List

1. Three Switchable Circuit Options: Warm Bender provides three circuit options for maximum versatility. Users can choose between two vintage circuits and one modern option for different fuzz and distortion tones.

2. Vintage Circuit #1: The first vintage circuit features a two-transistor fuzz circuit that employs New Old Stock (NOS) OC76 and STF337 components for the bright, edgy, and cutting tones of the original silver and black pedal.

3. Vintage Circuit #2: The second vintage option utilizes a trio of NOS OC75 transistors, providing a darker sound associated with later designs.

4. Modern Circuit: The third option is another three-transistor design featuring silicon-based alternatives to the germanium components used in the vintage circuits, bridging the gap between vintage fuzz and modern distortion.

5. SAG Switch: A SAG switch is added for guitarists who want that power-starved tone.

6. Hand-tested Transistors: Each transistor used in the pedal is hand-tested by Warm Audio and subject to tight tolerances.

7. Quality Inspection: Final pedals are checked over by the company’s experienced in-house technicians.

RingerBringer: Feature List

1. Recreation of Moog’s MoogerFooger MF-102: The RingerBringer is a tribute to Moog’s popular modulation effects unit.

2. All-Analog Signal Path: The pedal features an all-analog signal path for a true recreation of the sound of the original device.

3. Instrument and Line-Level Inputs: Both instrument and line-level inputs are accepted.

4. CV Inputs: The Rate, Amount, Mix, and Freq (frequency) parameters can be modulated by external sources through a range of CV inputs.

5. Carrier Input and Output Connections: These connections are available along with an output from the LFO.

6. Quality Inspection: Each pedal undergoes a meticulous inspection and testing procedure at the hands of Warm Audio’s expert technicians.


1. Highly versatile: With multiple circuit options for the Warm Bender and various inputs and outputs for the RingerBringer, both pedals are extremely versatile.

2. Accurate circuits: The attention to detail in recreating the circuitry is commendable. The use of NOS components in the vintage circuits and silicon-based alternatives in the modern circuit ensures that the pedals have a wide range of tone options.

3. Compact design: Both pedals are designed to be pedalboard-friendly, meaning they will fit well in a variety of setups.

4. Quality control: The hand-testing of each transistor, as well as the final inspection, speaks to the level of quality that Warm Audio ensures for each pedal.


1. Price: The Warm Bender and RingerBringer may be a bit pricey for some, with both pedals priced at over $200. However, the quality of the pedals may justify their cost.

2. Learning curve: Due to the range of options available, some users may initially find the pedals a bit overwhelming or difficult to navigate. Users who prefer simpler pedals might not appreciate the extensive features of these two pedals.

The Warm Bender and RingerBringer are excellent additions to Warm Audio’s pedal collection. The versatility and accuracy of the pedals make them suitable for guitarists, bass, and synth players, sound designers, and producers looking to explore a wealth of tones and textures. However, the price and potential learning curve may deter those who are on a budget or prefer simpler setups. Overall, these pedals are recommended for those willing to invest in high-quality, versatile, and innovative effects pedals.

Availability & Pricing

The Warm Bender retails at $199 (£209 including VAT / €219), while the RingerBringer goes for $219 (£229 including VAT / €249). Both pedals are available for purchase from Warm Audio’s website.



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