Wide Blue Sound Revamps Reverb with Silencer.

Wide Blue Sound is excited to present SILENCER, a ground-breaking plug-in that significantly modifies the way reverb operates through its innovative TimeGate process. This process is pending patent approval. SILENCER offers an inventive approach to reverb systems by introducing a clear and fresh reverb sound with every note, eradicating persistent lingering reverb that could potentially affect the instrument’s sound definition. SILENCER has been crafted as an effective solution for managing reverb, giving users the ability to save their favorite settings and enhance their mixes. Its unique TimeGate feature works to reduce the usage of CPU resources effectively by triggering a new reverb every time a transient comes in — this guarantees a clean, sharp sound. Advantages of using the SILENCER include improving drum resonance, ensuring clear vocal and chord sound, bringing out old-school beats, addressing bass/kick reverb sound phase matters. Users have the freedom to craft various kinds of reverb styles and experience unrivaled control. They can trigger reverb according to their choice: through MIDI, sidechain signals, or manual. Moreover, SILENCER has three specifically designed modules to maximize sound manipulation: STRIP, GATE, SPREAD, FOCUS EQ, and SIDECHAIN that offer meticulous control and sound improvement.

SILENCER’s innovative technology not only enhances its companion reverb plug-ins but also caters quick access to preferred VST effects, positioning itself as an effective reverb management tool. It guarantees future-proof compatibility with evolving plug-ins, providing thorough control and extensive flexibility. Wide Blue Sound’s CEO highlights SILENCER’s unique trait of working in tandem with, rather than substituting, existing reverb units. This ensures compatibility with an array of reverbs and provides users a versatile and future-proof answer to their reverb needs.

Wide Blue Sound has designed SILENCER to be compatible with macOS 10.13 and above and has optimized it for Apple Silicon. It also supports Windows Vista and later versions. It can host VST3 plug-ins ensuring stability and enhanced user experience. People interested can buy SILENCER directly from the Wide Blue Sound website for a price of $99.00 USD. If the product does not meet your expectations, Wide Blue Sound offers a straightforward, no-frills 14-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

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